Montessori Training Centre Options

Pictuture from Lamplighters Yeshivah

Mesorah Montessori offers a complete Jewish Montessori Training for teachers that work with three to six year old children.  Please contact us if you are a Montessori teacher that wants to add a Jewish component to your training or a traditional Limudei Kodesh teacher that wants to add a different component to your curriculum.  

This training is a three week long course that includes:  Teaching Basic Montessori Philosophy, Hebrew language, Yom Tovim, Jewish Culture, and integration in a classroom setting.  You will come away with three beautiful teacher manuals with specific lessons and materials to integrate into your classroom.  With  over 15 years of experience in integrating Montessori methodology in a Jewish preschool setting you will come away with understanding all aspects of running a Jewish Montessori classroom!